︎Cherry Cult

Cherry Cult is a fictional religion followed by those who uphold virgin complex. Cherry is a widely used, somewhat impolite, slang term referring to a woman’s hymen. What I focus on is putting virgin obsession on the table and advocating it publicly and in an exaggerated way, so as to arouse the public’s attention, distaste and hostility. Hymen is just a fleshy tissue and has nothing to do with women’s dignity or innocence.

Cherry Cult is the advocate of so-called true chastity and innocence. They believe in the pure power of hymen given to women:
- Only hymen gives women dignity.
- Only woman before marrigae with hymen is a good woman.

I intend to ironically visualize the innocent female image from patriarchy and add more heresy feeling to it, trying to expose the irrationality of virgin complex or virginity obsession.

(Identity, Illustration)