︎ Rubik’s Cube Mansion 2020: Bank of Summer River

Identity Design for Bank of Summer River, a virtual country  from a Chinese fairy tale called Rubik’s Cube Mansion, where citizens can deposit their negative emotions in the Bank to stay happy forever. This project explore theory that happiness is the true goal of every human and science should make that happen, no matter what.

(Identity, Typography, Illustration)

︎ I.O.M.B

I.O.M.B (Imprint On My Butt) is an editorial project, exploring the relationship between human and design and touching on both design theory and design practice.  It comes out as a series of three publications, addressing the concepts of design, dasein and surroundings.


︎ Not a Book - I.O.M.B Website

The companion website for I.O.M.B, which aims to explore a new online reading experience.


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︎ Zhengxing Restaurant

Zhengxing Restaurant is a fictional restaurant selling human flesh. Is there a possibility that beyond the future, there will be another dominant species on the earth, and we become their livestock and their food just like the relationship between we and pigs, cattle and lambs today.

(Identity, Publication, Illustration)

︎Cherry Cult

Cherry Cult is a fictional religion followed by those who uphold virgin complex. Cherry is a widely used, somewhat impolite, slang term referring to a woman’s hymen. What I focus on is putting virgin obsession on the table and advocating it publicly and in an exaggerated way, so as to arouse the public’s attention, distaste and hostility. Hymen is just a fleshy tissue and has nothing to do with women’s dignity or innocence.

Cherry Cult is the advocate of so-called true chastity and innocence. They believe in the pure power of hymen given to women:
- Only hymen gives women dignity.
- Only woman before marrigae with hymen is a good woman.

I intend to ironically visualize the innocent female image from patriarchy and add more heresy feeling to it, trying to expose the irrationality of virgin complex or virginity obsession.

(Identity, Illustration)